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I offer a hybrid approach to training that includes online and in person aspects. The details for this are determined at the client level, and I work with you to determine the best combination of online and in person work. This will include some combination of:


In person sessions

Phone calls


Messages via the training app

Calorie, macro, and meal planning

Workouts programmed in the app for you to complete solo

Tracking of nutrition

Tracking of workouts

Video submissions of sets from your solo workouts

And more as needed


The goal is to provide you with the best overall layout for your situation: skill level, goals, schedule, life demands, etc. Everything I do is with the goal of making you successful. Everything is customized to you. The best way to find out more is to contact me directly via the contact form. From there, we can begin a conversation about how I can best help you.

About Nathan Demetz Personal Training
Nathan Demetz - Demetz Personal Training


I hold degrees in Exercise Science, Business Administration, and Information Technology as well as certifications in strength and conditioning, sports nutrition, run coaching, and other areas.

My credentials come from organizations such as Indiana Wesleyan University, Lionel University, Ivy Tech College, and Utah State University.

I have 20 years of personal and professional experience in the health and fitness world. I work with people from across the globe, including locations such as Kuwait, Australia, and the USA.

I can be a stern instructor but am always fair, listen to my client’s needs, and communicate effectively. In this manner, I make sure the clients always have what they need mentally, physically, and emotionally to succeed.

I am to the point and focused, speak bluntly, plus I am told always look like I am mad or like a douche, but I will help you reach your goals .



Contact Nathan

The cost is $500 per month, less if you pay for 6-12 months in advance. For many people, that is a high cost to pay. However, you are investing in your health as well as your future. There are few investments that pay a better return.

You will pay this much for a gym trainer, just for a handful or so of in-persons sessions. That does not include meal planning, solo workouts, access to the trainer outside of the gym, or many of the other things I offer. Those trainers also do not have the same level of experience and education that I do. 

Almost 400 clients can attest to the level of skill and encouragment I bring to the table. I change lives and I can help you change yours. Use the contact form to begin a conversation with me so we can determine how I can best serve you.